Our Program: The Science

Because the average American diet is greatly unbalanced in its proper intake of "good" carbohydrates, "healthy" fats, and protein, but instead largely consists of processed food high in sugar (glucose), we are causing our pancreas to work overtime. The pancreas, whose primary function is to produce insulin to help our bodies maintain a proper blood sugar level, must now produce larger quantities of insulin than normal in order to remove the excess glucose from the bloodstream. Our body will utilize the glucose it needs for it’s energy and it will store the glucose it doesn’t need as fat.

At Love for Protein we strive to help others in reversing this shutterstock 138171410process. By following our 3 Step Plan, your body will begin utilizing it’s stored fat for energy and in the process allow your pancreas to enter into a state of rest.
Our body gets its fuel/energy from three sources…carbohydrates, protein/muscle, and fat. It utilizes its carbohydrate reserves first, then it looks simultaneously to its protein and fat for energy. Because our diet restricts carbohydrates and provides the dieter with quality products that have a high protein value our valuable muscle mass is protected. You will now start to lose weight in the form of fat, because stored fat is now the bodies primary source of energy.

It is important to point out that we are not a high protein diet! During the weight loss phase, we only provide the minimum amount of highly absorbable protein needed to spare the muscle. By restricting carbohydrates, we now allow the body to stay in “fat burning mode” 24 hours a day.

As you lose the weight utilizing our protein based foods along with whole foods and 4 necessary supplements, you will be “eating for weight loss” as we educate you on “eating a healthy diet” for life.

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