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The Love for Protein Weight Loss Program helps you to lose weight in the simplest way possible. With our easy to follow Daily Food Plan along with our highly bio-available protein products, we take the guess work out of what to eat. You can eat our products just as they are, or you can get as creative as you like. We have many wonderful recipes to choose from as suggestions.

Weight Loss

Each day, along with 4 protein foods chosen by you from our product line, you will be adding 2 cups of vegetables and unlimited lettuce salad with lunch & dinner. In addition, you will also have 8 ounces of lean protein at either your lunch or dinner meal.


Step two involves the slow reintroduction of your whole food carbohydrates and fats. This step is followed for one month allowing the pancreas to slowly kick in and begin releasing the proper amounts of insulin your body needs for healthy weight management.


Step three is the key to your life-long success in keeping your weight off. Now that you are consuming 100% whole foods, you can begin implementing the newfound education you received during your weight loss journey. You have learned how to make better food choices, choose the best food combinations, and what the proper amount of daily protein you personally need to maintain your optimal weight. You now even know how to eat after a day of indulgence!

Love for Protein…….”Helping you to look & feel your best” for LIFE!

Maintenance Tips:

  • Eat like a KING for breakfast
  • Eat like a PRINCE for lunch
  • Eat like a PAUPER for dinner